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Cedar Heights is in the Manitou Springs school district (District 14). Manitou Springs schools enjoy considerable parental involvement. The schools are relatively small compared to 'big city' schools. Our high school has about 500 students, middle school about 340, and the elementary school is similar in size. The average class size allows for easy student / teacher interaction.

If you are not from Colorado, it's important to know that Colorado has an open district policy. The geographic location of your residence dictates your main school district.  However if you want your children to go to another school district, you can apply to the school of your choice.  If the school has capacity to serve more than its district, it is then free to accept students from outside the district.

Click Here for information on School District 14

The above link is to School district 14 – Manitou Springs website. It has some valuable information regarding the school district. Choosing a school system for your children is a very individual decision and we hope this site helps you in that cause.

School bus service for elementary thru middle school is available to Cedar Heights residents. Busing for high school students is not available in Cedar Heights.


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