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Covenants and Architecture Control

Members of our comunity care about appearance and lifestyle.  Our association has covenants and architectural guidelines in place to ensure our community conforms to its natural setting and preserves the quiet and charm of Cedar Heights.  Before buying here, please familiarize yourself with our covenants and architectural guidelines.


Security and Privacy

Cedar Heights is a guarded community.  Besides welcoming our guests, our security officers help keep Cedar Heights safe and secure.  They patrol our community, plow and sand our streets during the winter, receive and handle packages and special delivery mail at the request of our residents, and centrally monitor home security systems.  They work in concert with the City of Colorado Springs police and fire departments to make our community as safe as possible. Our professional staff is shown in the photo below.                       


Our existing roads are private streets owned and maintained by CHCA.  Historical geotechnical and engineering reports concerning the approximately 10 miles of roads in Cedar Heights are stored in a public library of documents that is accessible by contacting David Lethbridge at the Colorado Springs City Office at 30 S. Nevada, Suite 702.

Living on a Hillside

The developers of our community used innovative, award-winning concepts, like placing centrums on lots to maximize views and sightlines for all properties in Cedar Heights.  As in many hillside communities, we have many fantastic views; however, erosion is a concern, so xeric landscaping is encouraged.  Trees cannot be removed without permission from the City under its Hillside Ordinance unless they are removed as part of a FireWise safety program.

Living with Wildlife

One of the joys of living in Cedar Heights is that we live in harmony with and can observe an abundance of wildlife: muledeer, fox, rabbits and a variety of birds including many varieties of hummingbirds in the summer and occasional sightings of coyote, mountain lion, and black bear.  We appreciate these sightings and the photo opportunities they provide, but we also realize that we need to be respectful of the wildlife. 



CHCA owns and maintains Echo Canyon Park, a small recreational area.  Also, under a contract with Solitude Park Corporation, CHCA maintains Solitude Park, a 300 acre conservation easement protected preserve, for hiking and other recreational use. Our many miles of hiking trails are maintained by our Trails Committee and rest stops along the way provide hikers with places from which they can enjoy some spectacular views.

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